Six Social Media Tips for Small Business Success.

Social media is at its height of popularity, despite younger demographics using it for personal usage it is vital to understand that if you don’t know how to use social media for your business, you’re going to be missing out on a huge opportunity as there are so many social media marketing benefits. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie to social media or surpassed your early stages, it is essential in this digital age to embrace it as a tool for your business and develop top social media strategies, which will enable you to achieve your business objectives and reach out to your target audience.

1. Set Your Goals to Find the right Platforms

You must figure out what your objectives are before you initiate anything. You should consider who your demographic is and what your desired outcome would be. There is a lot involved when it comes to social media for small business owners especially, so it is vital to understand that you can’t do everything. The best social media tips for businesses would be to select one or two platforms to start with and try your best to excel at them; once you’ve understood your goals and objectives, you should then consider which social media platform(s) would be the best fit for your business and demographic.

2. Be Visually Engaging

It's imperative to ensure that the content you share on social media is relevant to your followers, make certain that there are purpose and intention to what you upload; don’t just post because you feel you need to, only post if it adds significance to your content. Users of social media are swamped with content and information daily, therefore it is important to post content that is aesthetically pleasing as it will help to capture your target audience. Think carefully about what you can share and create that will help you to resonate with your audience and be an effective social media marketing for small businesses.

3. Identify Personas

Numerous resources comment on the method of persona development and how it can benefit the content marketing and marketing strategy for your business. You don’t need to do anything major with your branding or research project to get the right information. If you’re not sure where to begin, I would advise checking in to your current Google Analytics account and finding the interests section to activate it, paying attention to which affinity groups are mentioned.

If you are unable to do so, you can look into the Google Ads display planner along with Facebook ad planning tools to discover options for demographics, interests and behaviours and uncover how these categories and targeting assist you with your understanding of clients and customers. By using any of the working or refined models of specific personas, it will help you to save time and refine your messaging and targeting in the social media platforms to get detailed with your content.

4. Agile Methods and Learning from your Competition

Agile marketing has become an invaluable strategy over the years. It includes an attitude like what you’d expect to find in software development amongst other specialities. Webinars, eBooks, long-form content and whitepapers are the perfect tool to engage and relate to your audience. Although, these are rather huge investments to be involved in with the content creation as this point.

It is often asked how often a company should be posting on social media and what types of content would be best to post, this is a difficult one, mostly because the answer varies and is subjective depending on the audience and the industry. We are told that competition is healthy, bearing that in mind it is a great place to discover insight and building development for your work. It is also important to mention that just because you have competitors doesn’t mean that they are doing everything right, remain vigilant and begin to develop yourself. Are you aware that you can look at their social profiles and by doing this you can see:

- How often they post.

- When and what times they post.

- How much followers they have.

- What types of specific organic, sponsored and ad content they post.

- What kinds of post get the most resonance and engagement.

By taking this all into account, whether that’s in a spreadsheet format or another you will be able to follow a pattern and trend that is emerging; this will allow you to understand and learn what works and doesn’t work. It is recommended to do basic research beforehand before you decide what your social decisions will be.

5. Experimenting with Video Marketing

The best method to reach to your customers and demographic via social media is video marketing, it enables you to connect with your clients in addition to potential customers. Numerous businesses find it difficult to create video content, but by doing this it will allow your clients and potential customers to interact and engage with your content. As a social media marketing tip, arrange your blog content beginning with the one that brings the most traffic. For Twitter andFacebook, videos should be created that last between 30-90 minutes. Ensure that they are of high quality, precise and concise.

Key cardholders are another method to advertise your business for video marketing. A key cardholder is a folder that opens like a book and has either one pocket or several more on the inside of it to place your key card. A key card is a form of advertisement as it has important entry access information, thus, giving your clients something out of the ordinary and avantgarde. A good example of the key cardholder is the room entry key for hotels on which the hotel's logo is imprinted on it.

6. Be Consistent

Time is money, always remember that. It can become quite difficult to work on all these social media platforms simultaneously. Keep your focus when you use these platforms as a distraction is inevitable. Maintain your focus on your business prospects and always remind yourself of your purpose for using that platform, especially during working hours. Research shows that the usage of social media raises awareness of a business, invites new customers, boosts relationships and co-promote businesses therefore that’s why small businesses need social media.

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