Six Digital Marketing Areas to Focus on COVID- 19 Recovery?

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve all been forced to change our daily lives and future plans in the blink of an eye - not just marketers but as individuals. Every industry is suffering due to the coronavirus crisis, the lockdown periods are affecting the sales and economic growth very badly. Alternative routes, ideas and solutions can only be good for brands which could previously rely on various methods such as event and experiential marketing. If it's not just customers stuck at home but the people marketing to them as well, it's making them think more innovatively about how to hold the attention of these newly bored and isolated customers.

That’s where Digital marketing efforts get in the picture that will potentially help the business companies survive this bad phase and improve sales as soon as life gets back to normal.

Listed below are the points to be able to harness your customers' newly-increased online presence:

1. Ramp up Email Marketing Efforts.

You should already have a newsletter and ramp up your efforts in keeping and gaining subscribers now that they're more often on their computers. This involves making sure your email campaigns are more engaging and interesting and provides brand awareness that helps businesses target more people in less amount of time within a budget.

2. Increase leads/customer/sale by Analysing Customer Preferences.

Work on online branding to build a strong reputation in the market. Make sure that it keeps you connected to your customers and target audience through online media. By this way, you will be able to give a good understanding about customers’ demands and accurate reporting.

3. Polish your website.

Ensure your 'shop window' is well optimized for search and has a great user experience to increase online conversions. Since consumers now become more aware and more focused on their need, certain information storage very often helps them make a decision about whether or not to buy a certain product instead of relying upon the opinions of their friends. Digital communication flows on both sides of the transaction.

Good conversion rates indicate that users want what you’re offering and are willing to click, buy, or sign up. This means you probably have a good handle on user pain points and what needs to be communicated in order to encourage them to act.

4. Boost your Social Media Presence

What will your customers be doing more of if they're spending more time on the sofa?

Scrolling down their social media feeds.

When marketing during coronavirus, increase the frequency of your posts to match the rise in consumption. You may find that usual peak usage times have gone out of the window.

In doing this, remain sensitive to the current climate, offering your followers support and guidance rather than acting as another anxiety-inducing news outlet. Think about what you might be worrying about right now, and remember to apply this to your customers.

5. Refine your SEO and amplify your Paid Media.

With more people searching online, you need to ensure your SEO is top-notch in order to reach (or stay at) the top of those results lists.

Similarly, more eyes on screens mean more opportunity to be seen through paid media - video ads, display ads, social media ads, and more.

6. Turn your events digital!

Ensure that you are still engaged with the conference, presentation, meeting or any networking event by organizing a Livestream or video conference and invite the guests who were going to attend.

Doing this also enables you to reach many more people beyond the scope of your original event - think global! While these might seem as though activities you're being 'compelled' to take, you should see them as opportunities to calibrate your image's advertising during coronavirus and keep on contacting your crowd during a period of need.

While circumstances are difficult, they are likewise offering a progressively engaged point of view for advertisers and drawing nearly everything into the online space.

In any case, will this be an equivalent playing field for everybody? Normally, during this emergency, the ventures that have encountered spikes have been account, food, and social insurance.

Fortunately for you, if your image can be categorized as one of these ventures – that implies you'll have a head start in keeping up your client base. In any case, despite the fact that it doesn't, it's not naturally an unavoidable ruin. The main conceivable arrangement right presently is to work with what we have, which thus will permit us to be progressively innovative and one of a kind in our promoting endeavours.

Whatever your industry is if your clients feel seen and bolstered by your image instead of offended with musically challenged publicizing, they're bound to remain.

While everybody explores this new and new circumstance, it's significant to the exclusion of everything else that everybody remains safe and remains at home on the off chance that they can.

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© 2020 IMAGE Creative Media UK.  



© 2020 IMAGE Creative Media UK.  

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